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UNiTY is a positive youth development program of the Northern Berkshire Community Coalition.

OUR MISSION is to bring together diverse groups of youth together through initiatives that allow them to express themselves while empowering them to make their own, healthy decisions, become engaged in their communities, and become leaders their own lives.

OUR GOAL is to provide a safe space for young people, and to help local youth realize the wide array of attributes they possess, and empower them to build on these strengths and connect with their community.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, please contact Tim Shiebler at 413-663-7588.

U N i T Y stands for: United, Neighboring, Interdependent, Trusted Youth

The opportUNiTY to be powerful.

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Are you an aspiring poet or just love writing poetry for fun? Working on your first (or fourth!) novel? Do you write stories to explore some of the things you’re dealing with in your world right now? Or maybe you’re someone who hasn’t done much writing but is looking for a creative outlet to work through some issues and questions. If any of these describe you, then the Teen Writing Workshop (TWW) might be the right place for you!

Open to all youth ages 14-19, with writing materials provided. The workshop is taught by two teaching artists who specialize in helping young people find, strengthen, and share their unique voice and typically runs from October through June. For more information, contact Carrisa at (413) 663-7588 or Virtual spots and limited in-person spots are available. Register online here.

"When I first started to attend nbCC's Teen Writing Workshop, I wasn't very talkative. I was afraid to share my work and the thoughts with others. Being in this program has really changed my life. I am now confident in my writing. I post all my work publicly, and I don't worry about people who may not like it. Teen Writing Workshop helped me grow not only as a writer, but as a human being."

-Madison Decelles-BART Charter Class of 2019, Member of Teen Writing Workshop since 2017


If you could change one thing about your community, your school, or yourself, what would it be? Our Youth Leadership Program (YLP) is the perfect place to come explore this question and work to make positive changes in yourself and in the world around you. YLP brings together young people from across northern Berkshire County to learn leadership skills like conflict resolution, goal setting, and assertiveness. This program empowers young people to make their own decisions, get involved in their community, and create change in the world around them. From October to June, YLP meets once a week for two hours, and is free of charge. Transportation is available!

For more information, contact Tim Shiebler at or (413) 663-7588.

“YLP helped me to gain confidence in my abilities. Additionally, being in YLP enabled me to see my potential to make a positive impact on my community.”

-Anonymous participant-2017

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Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) is open to students in grades 6-8 who live in or attend school in North Berkshire. This is a weekly opportunity for middle school students to come together (virtually and in-person) to talk about emotions, school, navigating the teen years, making friends, and more.  This program is free of charge. Virtual spots and limited in-person spots are available. Register online here.


YEP meets weekly on Mondays in October through June, starting October 26. For more information, contact Carrisa at (413) 663-7588 or


The 411 in the 413 Youth Conference is an event planned and organized in partnership with Berkshire County Youth. With assistance from 3 community organizers from the Berkshire Youth Development Project, 3 youth leaders form the planning team for each years event.

The conference invites each Berkshire County High School to send 10 students. These students will have an opportunity to pick from a wide variety of workshops, many of them led by their peers. This is an opportunity to explore a wide array of topics, from job-skills to the arts, health and wellness to social justice. Over 100 young people from across the county come together every year to make this event truly unique!

Northern Berkshire Youth Collaborative (NBYC): NBYC is a monthly gathering of people whose work or professional or personal interests concern the well-being of young people in our community. These meetings feature networking, mini- trainings and strategy-sharing on positive youth development topics. The NBYC seeks to strengthen the existing youth development networks in northern Berkshire County. With a focus on positive youth development practices, and an asset based approach, the NBYC works to create a holistic, community based network of support for northern Berkshire County Youth.

Berkshire Youth Development Project (BYDP): BYDP is a partnership of youth development workers in Berkshire County.  BYDP allows for youth development workers in the county to grow in their practice by developing relationships, sharing and learning best practice and collaborating on projects. The group meets monthly and collaborates on countywide events initiatives including the biennial Prevention Needs Assessment Survey, the "411 in the 413" youth conference, and a variety of pertinent professional development opportunities.

ArtDoors: ArtDoors is a program that engages young people in exploring the natural world and the creative world, and the intersection of both. Participants are introduced to local artists and outdoor enthusiasts who offer workshops and activities to build skills in various mediums of art and outdoor stewardship. By collaborating with cultural organizations, the City of North Adams, county wide initiatives, and state agencies, this program opens doors for young people to explore the intersection of art and nature, and encourages youth to examine how this intersection influences their identity.

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