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We were so excited by all who came to Williamstown to be a part of an important conversation about the 5 Protective Factors and how to better support children in our community. There was a lot of information handed out and collected during this conversation. As a resource for you, we have included links to the notes from the forum, several of the resource hand outs, and the power point presentations below.

1) The notes from the individual break out groups which discussed the 5 Protective Factors can be downloaded here.


2) The PowerPoint presentation that was presented by Stacy Parsons can be downloaded here. A supplemental presentation that was referenced can be downloaded here.


3) A list of the 5 Protective Factors can be seen here.


4) The core meanings of the 5 Protective Factors can be seen here.


5) The "Strengthening Families Approach" that everyone (partners, communities, families) can use to build family strengths can be seen here.


6) For helping agencies, how solution based casework links to the 5 Protective Factors can be seen here.


7) Tips for parents to tune-up their "protective factor skills" can be seen here.

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