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Coalition Core

The Coalition Core promotes dialogue leading to action about emerging community issues through our monthly forums and works to keep the community informed about local resources through our newsletters and resource guides.

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Northern Berkshire Neighbors (nBn)

nBn is a neighborhood development program of the Northern Berkshire Community Coalition. Our goal is to create greater citizen awareness of how active participation in one’s neighborhoood and community events contributes to one’s personal health and to the health of the community.

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UNITY Youth Programs

UNITY is a youth development program of the Northern Berkshire Community Coalition. Our mission is to bring together diverse groups of adolescents in spaces and initiatives that allow them to express themselves while learning to become leaders in their community and their own lives.

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Prevention and Recovery Programs

nb21 (not before 21, not in northern Berkshire)  is a community organizing program designed to reduce teens’ access to alcohol and other drugs by changing community policies and practices. Our mission is to employ a range of techniques to address the legal, institutional, social and health issues related to underage drinking and drug use.

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Mass in Motion

Mass in Motion is a statewide initiative that promotes healthy eating and active living in the places people live, work, learn and play through policy, systemic, environmental and behavior change. Mass in Motion focuses on increasing access to healthier foods and creating an environment that makes physical activity the easy choice.

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The Family Place

The Family Place is a family resource center to support families with children 0-12 in north Berkshire. Our program is designed to create a safe and welcoming space for parents and guardians to find information, resources, and support to help them address the needs and concerns they have for their family and help them meet the demands of parenting children today.

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What We Do

Family Support Services

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